Acne Treatment Pen

17530 SOLD


  • Portable, can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Blue light can firm flabby skin, shrink skin pores, effectively kill corynebacterium acnes and markedly improve red spot, oily skin, and severely sensitive skin.
  • 42 degrees of heat to promote acceptable acne skin evaporation, to solve the problem of acne breeding from the roots, keeping the skin clean and prevent acne breeding
  • BIO anti-inflammatory can activate skin cell and stimulate regeneration and repair of collagen, help to regain skin elasticity and its normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and make the skin be fleshy, full and lustrous, diminish inflammation and reduce pain. You will not have any feelings during use, it is very comfortable
  • Restore skin elasticity, skin tightening & wrinkle removal, anti-inflammation