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We all love our pet feline & canine but are you tired of their constant fur shedding around your house? These messes get on your everywhere, your clothes, furniture, carpets or even end up as hairball in their stomach. You can prevent this from happening with the all new Electric Pet Shedding Remover! This is a handheld vacuum-powered that helps to take in all the shedding fur from your pet without using those painful bristles clawing their skin. Your pets will love you for this while you get to keep your home fur-free!   

How does the Electric Pet Shedding Remover work?

  • Product uses silicon rubber massaging points on the U-shaped brush to pick up all the loose fur or dirt while the motor in the middle vacuums them into the container.

  • Product will guarantee to create a painless & enjoyable experience for your furkids. The vacuum noise is kept at a minimum level to avoid frightening your pets.

  • The shedding remover is powered by x3 AA batteries (not included) & is made with durable ABS plastic. The silicone rubber is non-toxic & odorless as well!

  • Pets with long or curly hair will not have problem with this product as well.

  • Product can also be used a vacuum cleaner to pick up debris from your clothes & furniture as well. Keep everything in your home all fur-free instantly!


Package includes  : 1x Electric Pet Shedding Remover
Material                  : ABS plastic and silicone rubber (non-toxic & odorless)
Dimension              : Around 6cm x 11cm x 19cm



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