Foot Rest Hammock

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Strong and durable feet hammock, easy to hang and assemble, installed under desk with slings hung on the desk feet, a healthy and comfortable way to relax your feet and relieve your fatigue.


SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Your Foot Rest Hammock  can support up to 85 pounds of weight to suit people in all weight categories.

TRIED AND PROVEN DESIGN: Your Foot Rest Hammock  has an ergonomic, tried and tested design among all other foot rests to minimize any design flaws that may arise with a new invention. It can also be carried around to work and back home

IDEAL FOR: Square or rectangular desk without an apron. Maximum table thickness: 55 mm (2.16 in)

COMFORTABLE FEET EVERYWHERE: Your BASIC COMFORT feet hammock has sold thousands of units worldwide and has the backing of a lot of happy and comfortable feet.




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