Maglev Bonsai

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  • Uses Maglev Levitation Technology.
  • Perfect for small indoor bonsai / herbs.
  • Unique addition to the decor.
  • Modern and Artistic look to your Living Room/Kitchen.

Product Descriptions:

  • Floating height: 1 - 3cm / 0.39-1.18" (determined by plant watering)
  • Power input: DC 12V
  • Size:
    • base: 16*6cm 
    • pot: 7-11cm

Package Includes:

  • Base
  • Pot
  • Power Cord
  • ** Plant not included


  1. Connect power, put the base on flat surface.
  2. Two hands holding the plant and aiming the center of the base. Slowly put the plant down towards the base.
  3. When magnetic force pull or push the plant, adjust the position properly to the center of the base.
  4. When the force disappears, keep the plant stable for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly let go hands until the plant stays by itself.
  5. If it fails just repeat above steps with patience.
  6. If failed many times turn off the power and let the base cool down. Then try it again.
  7. Remember to always take away the plant before turning off the power.
  8. When the plant container is stuck with the base hold the bottom of the container and pull it away by moving it in horizontal direction.


  • By setting up the plant, hold the plant vertically firmly. Leave it when the plant finds the right position. Make sure it will not drop down towards the base.
  • Don't open the base which may cause damage.
  • Keep this product 20cm away from other electronic or metal items to avoid interfere.
  • Keep it out of touch of child below 12 ages.