Steering Phone Holder

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Flexible & Convenient

The Steering Phone Holder is specially designed to be Extremely Convenient to handle. The clipping design make it so easy to install and remove at any time you want. Its flexibility allows you to extend the Steering Phone Holder to adapt ANY phone size, including your iPhone 6 Plus!

Low Risk

Your phone is never too far away from you anymore. You could answer phone calls with hands-free mode, minimizing the risk of talking while driving. Navigate safely to your destination by using maps right in front of you.

360o Firm Grip

The Steering Phone Holder is made with high quality elastic ABS material, so that you don't need to be worry about breaking it. Clip it nicely and firmly of the steering wheel, and it won't fall off the wheel - even if you turn it to any side.

Soft Protection

The Steering Phone Holder has a built-in soft silicone pad that gently holds your phone in place. There is no chance that your phone will have scratches.

7.5 x 4.0 x 2.5 inches
Elastic ABS
Suitable For:
iPhone and Android




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